Skinbetter Science Refresh Duo Kit


Discover radiant, youthful skin that reflects the beauty of science. This refreshing duo kit is designed to cleanse, detox, and help you achieve luminous, glowing skin. Preparing your skin for treatment is an important step in your skin care regimen. Skinbetter Science’s Refresh Collection is designed to be paired with our scientifically-advanced treatment products for optimal results. This product combo leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, and resilient.

The Refresh Duo Kit includes :

  1. Daily Enzyme Cleanser : Reveal a radiant, super smooth surface while gently cleansing away impurities, oil and makeup. This daily use exfoliating cleanser features enzyme and fruit acid blends that work together to lightly refine and exfoliate, leaving skin feeling clean, silky soft and lightly hydrated.
  2. Detoxifying Scrub Mask : Is it a scrub? A mask? It’s both! This dual-functioning clay-based scrub mask is the ultimate skin reset, delivering undeniable clarity and glow. Gentle, biodegradable spherical beads lightly resurface to promote smoother, more even-toned skin while clay minerals absorb unwanted oil and remove toxins and other impurities.


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Additional information


• Infuses a burst of skin-energizing oxygen for brighter-looking skin.
• Features slow-releasing alpha hydroxy acids that instantly purify and refresh skin.
• Removes makeup, oil build-up and dead surface skin cells.
• Dual-functioning, clay-based scrub mask that resets skin to deliver more clarity and glow.
• Uses gentle, biodegradable spherical beads to lightly resurface the skin.
• Promotes smoother, more even-toned skin.
• Clay minerals absorb unwanted oil and remove toxins and other impurities.

How to Use

• Detoxifying Scrub Mask : For the face. Use up to three times per week. Apply a teaspoon size amount to clean, damp skin. Massage gently with fingertips, leave on for up to 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Follow with moisturiser. Avoid eye area
• Daily Enzyme Cleanser : Use on face and neck twice daily. Apply a teaspoon size amount to damp skin. Massage gently with fingertips. Rinse with warm water. Use of sunscreen during the day is recommended.

Key Ingredients

• Enzyme Blend (Papain, Bromelain) – Ensures effective exfoliation without the risk of compromising the skin barrier
• Fruit Acid Blend (Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, Lemon) – Promotes smoother, radiant, healthier-looking skin
• Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters – Naturally derived jojoba that enhances skin hydration
• Mushroom Extract – Provides intense exfoliation with little to no irritation
• Clay Minerals – Provide oil absorbent properties while removing impurities
• Coconut-Based Complex – Enhances skin’s moisturisation through natural humectant properties
• Jojoba Beads – Biodegradable exfoliating particles derived from jojoba that have a perfectly smooth and spherical shape and provide gentle, yet effective exfoliation
• Botanical Extract – Provides mild, but effective exfoliation along with hydration

Product Size(s)

5.0 FL OZ / 150 ML • 2.0 FL OZ / 60 ML


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